How to Make Predictions Using Dominoes

Dominoes are another method of foretelling and are actually a children’s game. They are not practiced very seriously by anyone. Dominoes were used in ancient China and they somehow found their way into the western civilization.

Dominoes are just like rolling dice and tarot cards for foretelling. They enhance the psychic power of a person and then the reader predicts the future. This art was used by the gypsies also.

Dominoes come from a French word called Domino’s meaning a white and black hood usually worn by the priests.

The dominoes available these days are made of wood, metal or plastic. However, in earlier days, they were made of ivory. They consist of 28 rectangular tiles and each tile will have two sides. One side is not black and has dots from one to six and the other side is black.

There are several ways to set the dominoes on the table. It is very similar to tarot cards.

One domino is selected each for the past, present and future. The dominoes are then placed upside down and the person is asked to pick one. When they are overturned, they will reveal something and the combination is used to interpret. Some of the predictions are as follows:

Six/six stands for prosperity or getting some good luck from an unexpected source.
Six/five stands for an act of kindness that will bring about some good fortune. It also stands for being patient.
Six/four stands for facing some unfavorable aspect which could be something to do with the law.
Six/three stands for going on an unexpected or unplanned trip that will be quite enjoyable.
Six/two stands for seeing better financials and having good health.
Six/one stands for a wedding or getting Domino QQ Online into a fruitful joint venture.
Six/blank stands for being wary of people who claim to be your friends but are not.
Five/five stands for seeing some change in your financial situation for the better.
Five/two stands for birth or coming up with a new creative idea.
Five/one stands for finding a new love but one that will bring heartache.
Five/blank stands for a friend who will require comforting from you.
Four/four stands for happiness that is on its way.
Four/three stands for success, but the person will face problems in his or her relationship.
Four/two stands for a change in events that will not be welcomed, or the person’s relationship may break off.
Four/one stands for financial obstacles that need to be overcome.

Similarly, different combinations of numbers of the dominoes stand for different things.

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