Seven Developing Nations Vital to the World Economy

Sometimes we become preoccupied with the major nations involved in our global economy, rather than look beyond China, Russia and the United States. There are currently eight nations which are vital to the continuation of our own economies.

Who are these Seven developing countries?

1. Bolivia

This tiny impoverished South American nation is potentially the worlds largest supplier of lithinun, a resource used for car and solar batteries. High up in the Andes, huge deposits of this vital mineral have been discovered.


As well as being the Worlds largest gold producers, Indonesia is the “Raja of coconuts”, exporting 20 million tones of coconut products alone in 2010.

Both emerging and developed nations depend on coconut oil for cooking and for ingredients, without Indonesia’s huge production of the humble coconut, many of the produce you find in your supermarket shelves would simply disappear.

3. Ivory Coast

The enigmatic King of chocolate, despite the fact most cocoa farmers rarely escape poverty, the world needs this vital ingredient to produce the billions of chocolate related products we consume everyday.

4. Kazakhstan

Since the promised green energy revolution never materialized, many developed nations like the United States, France, Germany and the UK have opted for the short term option of nuclear energy.

This is bringing a windfall for impoverished Vitalflow Kazakhstan which has the largest deposits of uranium on our planet. Supplying these resource poor countries is becoming big business, and is starting a global movement of interest into this region.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia just tops Indonesia as the worlds largest producer of palm oil, a vital ingredient in produce from cooking oil to washing powder.

Engines can actually run on palm oil, as we also look for alternative sources which need to replace our over dependency on oil. Both Malaysia and Indonesia export the bulk of this essential resource throughout the world.

6. South Africa

A nation previously known for its vast resources in diamonds and gold, in the next decade of the 21st century, South Africa is getting to be known for its vast resources in platinum. Platinum is used for building engines, the same engines that run our cars, and trucks. One reason many global automakers relocate their car production to South Africa, including Mercedes Benz.

7. Thailand

One of the worlds largest producers of natural rubber, a resource needed to produce anything from condoms to tires. Resource poor countries which produce millions of vehicles a year, exported over half their rubber from Thailand in 2010.

Resource poor countries are usually developed nations. These nations were at the forefront of the global economy, but recently face new challenges as emerging countries like China have proved that the producers of these resources, can also match and better the traditional manufacturing nations which are dependent on importing these key resources.

The next decade of the 21st century could become an era of development for these producer countries, whilst those needing these vital resources may compete for their control.

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