How Did You Get There?

Have you ever wondered how you got where you are spiritually? How did Truth find its way into your life? Did your journey begin at adolescence? What role did your parents play in your “religious” training? Maybe you were a late spiritual bloomer. Were you influenced in your decision making by friends? What about those in a position of authority such as a pastor, teacher, or evangelist? Maybe bible school or correspondence classes helped promote your spiritual growth. I thank God for all those who played a role in my Christian walk, but at the same time, many of the things that I was taught did not fully line up with Scripture. Much of the trouble within the Christian movement today is based on human tweaking of the Word of God. The theological term for this is EISEGESIS which is the process of misinterpreting a text in such a way that it introduces one’s own presuppositions, agenda, and biases into the text. So many Christians today are walking illustrations of human interpretation of Divine Truth. If we look objectively at the Church, we see a fragmentized and scattered body of Believers who are so steeped in the use of eisegesis that real Truth is hard to find. So many Christians are malnourished due to receiving Biblical food that contains so many human ingredients. Is it any wonder a growing number of Believers are leaving the Church in search of the “promised land”? A place where giant clusters of grapes await their hungry spirits?

The Apostle Paul stated he was not taught the Truth by any man, but received his teaching “… by the revelation of Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 1:12) I realize the importance of ministerial gifts, but what it comes down to is verifying the Truth through one’s own 안전사이트 spirit. Through the years, I have met many people that are so steeped in interpretive theology that they parrot any teaching they have received as infallible. Some time ago, I met an individual who was eager to share his Scriptural understanding. When I asked him how he came up with his interpretation, he said it was what his church believed. He was passing on what had been drummed into his mind as truth. This individual accepted what was being taught without any verification by the Holy Spirit. People will defend denominational interpretations to the point of judging others who do not agree with their “church’s dogma.” Is it any wonder the Body of Christ is so divided?

We must stop defending “adoptive” theology and seek the Truth through the Holy Spirit. Pray for your pastor/teacher that he may hear, and then share, the revealed Word of God with his flock. When revealed Truth is presented, we will see a harvest of spiritual fruit that will fill not only hungry Believers, but will also draw people to the Faith.

Let us learn to study the Word EXEGETICALLY, which is the process of drawing out the meaning from a Scripture in accordance with its context and intended meaning. Our tutor through this experience is the Holy Spirit.

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