Suzuki Makes a Splash

Remember Daryl Hannah before she started wearing an eye patch and chain smoking cigarettes? Not to mention killing anyone who got in her way. She used to be such a nice girl too most notably in that movie Splash which she starred in with Tom Hanks. The boy meets mermaid story might have seemed a little implausible but who knows, it might just happen I mean stranger things have.

Take Suzuki for instance, we all know they make awesome superbikes and very capable marine engines but as for their car making skills, well let’s just say they have been a bit below par in recent years.

There would appear to have been a seed change at Suzuki though as they have recently started to offer us some really exciting new models that have impressed the motoring press and the car buying public alike. They have enjoyed great success with the critically acclaimed Swift which has all the fun of a BMW Mini at the fraction of the cost. The Grand Vitara has shrugged off its bad image as a mobile hairdressers car and is now all restyled and sophisticated

The good old Jimny is still pretty much the same cheap, no frills small 4×4 vehicle. It has received a few modern creature comforts but still does what is says on the tin. I have an enduring image of this guy I used to work with who drove a Jimny. Originally from Zimbabwe 먹튀검증사이트 he was a man mountain and was always useful in the care home where I worked with him especially when one of the service users got rowdy as his physical presence was enough to subdue anyone.

I would say goodbye to him at the end of a long shift and watch with amusement as he attempted to force himself into this tiny little Suzuki Jimny and once in he would be pressed up against the windscreen even with the seat pushed right back . He gave me a lift once and it was so comical the pair of us squeezed in together as if we were in a place normally reserved for children.

The Suzuki Splash has proved to be a popular addition to the Suzuki range it is similar to Vauxhall’s Agila but is priced very competitively with little compromise on quality.

Buyers can choose from two engines. The 85bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine or the 74bhp 1.3-litre diesel which is nice to drive and a bit more flexible, but it’s pricier. The Splash is based on the Swift, so it’s no surprise that there are some similarities in the way they drive. Direct steering and immense grip give the Splash a surprising amount of ability in the corners, and although the tall body leans over a bit more than the Swift’s, it’s not too excessive and there’s a firm edge to the ride, especially at low speeds.

The Splash’s cabin plastics are hard to the touch, but a textured finish makes them look smart. They’re sturdy, too, and should prove to be very hard-wearing. The tight panel gaps should give you confidence about how carefully the car is made, and being a Suzuki you can be confident that it should be trouble free mechanically. The Splash is positively brimming with safety kit when compared with many cars in this class, and Suzuki should be applauded for it. All versions get twin front, side and curtain airbags, and even better, stability control is standard on all models. It’s not bad on the security front either as all versions come with an engine immobiliser and deadlocks.

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