Combating Memory Loss – Simple Strategies To Help You With Your Memory

If you’re reading this then you or someone you know is combating memory loss every moment of the day. Whether it’s caused by “old age,” illness or an accident, there are simple strategies you can use to help slow down the process and actually increase your memory.

What is Memory?

A computer memory consists of information that has been input into the memory. The human memory is pretty much the same. Our memory is basically the act of retrieving information such as experiences, things we’ve learned by reading, touching, smelling, seeing and tasting. If a computer isn’t used, the information is stored in the memory, eventually becoming obsolete. Unlike the computer, if we don’t use our memories and stimulate them, they begin to break down.

The mass of flesh that is our brain is more complex than the most advanced computer on the planet.

Now imagine thousands of little islands connected to each other by bridges. The islands are comparable to the neurons in our brains. The little bridges would be considered synapses. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “neural synapses” on your favorite Star Trek episode. The synapses are the means that the neurons communicate or pass signals Synapse xt to each other. When left uncared for or in disrepair, bridges that connect the thousands of islands decay and collapse. When we don’t stimulate our minds, the synapses begin to break down, causing a breakdown in communication between the neurons, which is memory loss.

How can you repair the bridges?

Unlike re-building actual bridges, a little effort on your part will stimulate the synapses to begin to repair themselves.

Taking care of yourself as best you can is imperative. If you are a caretaker of someone who has memory loss, adapt the following suggestions as best you can for them.

* Try to get 8 hours of unbroken sleep every night. Your body heals and repairs itself as it sleeps.
* Eat regularly and on time. Your brain needs fuel as your body does. It uses an incredible amount of energy.
* Include super “brain foods” in your diet- strawberries, blueberries, oranges and spinach
* Also include the supplement Folic Acid, B-Bitamins, Vitamin E and Omega- 3 Fatty Acids have been shown to aid in memory loss
* Drink plenty of Green Tea and include herbs such as Gotu Kola, Gingko Biloba and Rosemary

Stimulate your mind with the following activities. They are simple and enjoyable.

* Puzzles are an incredible way to stimulate your mind. Set up the card table in a quiet place and choose a puzzle with a picture you’ll enjoy looking at, whether it’s scenery, the Taj Mahal or a loaded pizza, it’s got to be something you enjoy and want to look at. As you put the puzzle together, you may find that you do it differently than you did when you were a kid. That’s because your brain is different now. It’s not a bad thing- just different. Take your time but work at it every day…maybe a few minutes here and a few minutes there. The important thing is to do it!
* Another easy game is to gather 10 household items such as a hairbrush, pen, keys, toothbrush, reading glasses, matchbook, etc and lay them out in front of you on a table. Study them. Close your eyes and try to remember where the hairbrush is. Don’t touch everything until you find it. Use your memory to determine where it is. Do this with each item.

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