Comparison Of The Best Tablets On The Market During 2011

With so many tablets being introduced and numerous more planned to be introduced, it is hard to find out exactly which ones are the best tablets among all. If one feature is present in one so called ‘best tablet’, the other will come with an upgraded version of that feature or a completely new feature not in any other tablet to rightly take place as the best tablet among all. From various reviews in it evident that the best tablets out of those currently launched are iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom.

Without a doubt iPad 2 can be declared as the top among these above mentioned best tablets. Apple’s cult-like ucdm mexico culture which fosters loyal Apple customers who religiously follow and purchase almost every product launched by the company is one of the very factors why iPad 2 is one of the best tablets currently around. Another reason could be the comparatively more attractive product design which guarantees thinness and lightness. iPad 2 only weights 1.33 lbs and is 0.34 inches thick. The screen size is 9.7 inches, which is wider than some of the 7 inches tablets. All the best tablets taken into consideration here come with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB but iPad 2 has a disadvantage over the other two best tablets as it does not support external memory. Furthermore, out of the best tablets, iPad 2 is the only one with 2 MP rear and front cameras, a quality which is easily beaten by other products considered as one of the best tablets. However, what ascertains Apple iPad 2’s position as the top among the best tablets is the 300 thousand applications that are available for users of the device from Apple’s own iStore.

Motorola Xoom with its 5 MP camera and flash supporting system is said to be one of the best tablets which could possibly be the iPad 2 killer. The screen size of Xoom is 10.1 inches. Considering the speed and the screen size Xoom might just be the best of the best tablets, even iPad 2. However, what leads to it falling behind iPad 2 in sales and popularity, consequently losing points as the best tablet, is the limited number of applications available which is estimated to be approximately 100 thousand. Samsung Galaxy Tab is also one of the strong contestants in the battle for the title of the best tablets. What makes Galaxy Tab one of the best tablets is the user-friendliness of the Android OS platform specifically designed for tablets. Also, in aspects of application availability and compatibility, Samsung Galaxy is the best tablets around.

After reading reviews of various products of different brands claimed to be one of the best tablets, it is apparent that no one tablet can be claimed as the best of the best tablets as the varied features of each product caters to different needs and wants. What makes these three mentioned products the best tablets is high popularity, but they might not be considered as being one of the best tablets by someone else. So if your favorite tablet is not among the best of the best tablets, it is mostly because the judgment is purely subjective depending on needs and expectations.


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