Simple Mistakes That Tackle Web Design

Anyone can learn how to design websites, but not everyone can be good at doing it. People often learn web design in order to make money on the side; unfortunately, people often don’t take the time required to learn the skill adequately. These are a few web design mistakes that amateurs commonly make that you should avoid.

Long Paragraphs

As web surfers lack long attention spans, they tend to dislike sitting on a computer reading long texts. The reading experience on websites will be more enjoyable if short paragraphs, headlines, and bullet points are utilized.

Music on Websites

A popular gimmick in the mid-90’s, these dark web links days it is considered amateurish for a site to load with music that cannot be turned off. Since people often surf the web while at their job, watching television, or listening to music of their own, sites that have music that automatically loads may be less appealing.

Blinking Animations and Text

These are things that were used a great deal in the 90’s. While new web designers may enjoy showing off their animation skills, it often makes websites look amateur. Also, advertisements that are very animated may distract users and cause them to exit the site.

Tiny and Colored Fonts

While tiny fonts occasionally show up nicely on the screen, not everyone has good enough eyes to read them. If the site is not user-friendly, they will simply leave and go elsewhere. Colored fonts can make reading especially difficult, if a web designer chooses to use a dark font on a dark background, or a light font on a light background.

New Browser Windows

Users get irritated when a new browser window pops up for every page on a website. Users do not need ten windows to open up when they begin browsing the site. You should only have new windows open when links take the user to an external site.

Doorway Pages

Sometimes doorway pages are utilized for dishonest SEO tactics referred to as blackhat SEO, other times they are used by those who want to showcase their skills in Flash design. Doorway pages don’t give the user any additional value, but rather just add another step prior to reaching the site. Most often, you should not utilize doorway pages at all.

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