Your Guide to Buying Aloe Vera Products – Creams and Gels

As a very popular organic produce, you will find many forms of aloe vera being sold in the market, from the raw plant up to gels, juices, pulps and even powders. However, how do you know what are the differences behind each product and which kind should you buy? Let’s show you how.

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Aloe Gel

Aloe vera gel is the raw clear gel found in the leaves of the aloe plant. Some companies sell this raw, directly taken from the leaves, without any tampering whatsoever. This gel can be safe to apply on your gums, hair or anywhere else you might need it, provided that the company is of good quality. Other companies offer various mixes of the gel with other ingredients, such as tea tree oil, flax seeds and artificial fragrances. These ingredients are meant to increase the soothing effects of aloe vera especially when used for bathing Buy vape juices online.

Aloe Juice

You can also buy aloe vera juice, which is meant as a beverage. As a juice, aloe helps aid digestion and is good for balancing blood sugar. This is a good alternative as a juice drink instead of high-sugar milkshakes or sodas. Some companies offer “flavoured” aloe juices, with mixes of guava, apple and even mint, giving it a more refreshing taste.

Aloe Pulp

Aloe pulp is a bit hard to find in stores but is available in aloe specialists, both online and in actual markets. This is usually the entire aloe plant and its leaves mashed together just like with a mortar and pestle. This is aloe in its purest form. This can be applied directly on to your scalp, for example, to encourage hair growth or to be used as a beauty treatment. However, note that aloe pulp should be frozen and used up quickly since it expires easily.

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