To Lose Fat Is Affected By the Hormone, Adiponectin

Low levels of adiponectin, a protein hormone, causes difficulty in losing fat and keeping it off. The “fatburner” hormone job is to shrink fat cells, creating energy. This hormone is secreted into the blood stream. Also, adiponectin is an anti-inflammatory which succors your body to lose fat and maintain. The lack of adiponectin causes inflammation which produces an effect of “leptin resistance.”

“Leptin resistance” is when a persons “feeling satisfied in between meals becomes more difficult,” and trying to lose fat becomes extremely difficult. What is very interesting about this hormone is that it is reproduced in the fat cells. But yet the heavier you are the less adiponectin you are producing. Adversely affecting the amount of  Acidaburn adiponectin in your fat cells.

Just two functions of adiponectin are to assists in lowering glucose and increased activity in cells to burn fat for energy helping to lose fat successfully. This “fatburner” hormone is pertinent to diabetes, kidney disease, weight loss, and inflammation.

A low-level of the “fatburner” hormone is connected to a higher risk of kidney disease and diabetes. “A deficiency in adiponectin could be the major reason why obese patients develop the initial signs of kidney disease,” quoted by researcher Kumar Sharma.

The Mediterranean Diet increases the level of adiponectin, consisting of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and fish. Beans are a good fat burning food and, also, omega 3 and 6. Rob Poulos, a fitness author, has written an e-book about fat burning foods that will boost “powerful fat loss hormones” and an exercise to lose fat naturally, that will burn fat for up to 3 days.

Water and fiber are, also, important to lose fat naturally. If you allow your body to become dehydrated your body will malfunction, hindering the function of the body’s other functions. Rob Poulos suggests consuming 100 ounces of water daily, the recommended dose by the medical field is 64 ounces daily. Fiber has a filling quality and slows down the process of digestion. Good sources of fiber are fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables and beans. These foods are rich in nutrients.

There are three actions you can perform to alleviate the lack of adiponectin – consume more magnesium, intermittent fasting (fasting 1 or 2 days a week) and take omega 3 and 6. Adiponectin is only one of five hormones that can cause a person to lose fat effectively. Seems to be the most important, though.

If you could examine the human body you would observe that every organ of the body is impacting several other organs, it’s a tight fit. So, if an organ malfunctions other organs are affected. On the cellular level adiponectin is reproduced in the fat cells. So, if there is a malfunction with adiponectin because of malnutrition, due to bad eating habits, this will have a domino influence in relationship to other cells in the body. To be successful to lose fat we must address our eating habits. What enters our bodies will affect us, good or bad.

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