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With a balanced inner body, you will have a healthier and leaner outer body. You will give yourself the chance to lose weight and you will gain energy to do your daily tasks without any slow downs.

As mentioned in a previous article, the importance of alkaline body balancing is paramount to fend of most common ailments, disorders and diseases. Arguably the most important of which is Cancer, which has the perfect spreading ground in an body balance with an acidic pH level, commonly known as acidosis.

Check this out: A medical scientist, Otto Warburg, two time winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine commented;
“There is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula one cannot do more about prevention of cancer.” What did he say? Is he saying that the average person should know damn well by now that in an alkaline balanced body there is NO CHANCE of CANCER GROWTH? Wow if it’s that simple, what do we need to do to prevent cancer?

In his discoveries of the early 60’s, he was lead to the fact that the number one mineral nutrient in our bodies, Calcium, and the abundance of it in the blood stream, was a major contributor to the proper alkalinity of the body’s fluids. Calcium’s presence in the blood stream is paramount based on the fact that the Mineral Calcium is needed to properly Oxidize the blood and operate the nutrient channel through which the cells’ nutrients enter and exit. Conversely, it’s lack thereof was evidenced by the low pH balance into the acidic zone, giving way to carcinogens and toxins for entry into a ruptured cell.

Without getting too technical, understand this; we humans require lots of oxygen for numerous biological functions: therefore, alkaline fluids are more conducive to biological functions than acidic fluids which don’t have the ability to absorb gasses, like oxygen. The cell membrane is composed of a bi-layer of phospholipids which could be compared to an air mattress composed of two layers of balloons with the upper and lower layers bound together by string. The phospholipid layers are largely comprised of cholesterol. The surface of the phospholipid balloons contains significant oxygen which makes it hydrophilic, or in other words water and fluids are attracted to it. The surface of each cell is negatively charged and thereby allows the hydrophilic surface to capture either cancer causing chemicals, most of which are made up of derivatives of the electron starved, therefore positively charged, benzene, or (good scenario) positively charged minerals; calcium and magnesium.

The calcium will then attract negatively charged nutrients in preparation for entry into the cell. The nutrient channel, mentioned above, is kept closed by a rosette of coiled proteins, like a coiled snake plugging a hole, bound together by Calcium. When negatively charged nutrients enter the cell, the pH inside the cell drops as the nutrients are consumed in biochemical reactions. This in turn causes an electrical potential difference; an electrical voltage. When the charge becomes large enough, it causes the negatively charged end of the rosette snake coil to stretch towards the positively charged external fluids, thereby opening the cell and allowing the higher pH nutrients to flow through the nutrient channel into the cell. These high pH fluids entering the cell in turn raise the pH inside the cell, thereby lowering the electrical charge, allowing the rosette snake to recoil and plug the channel. Thus the cell has been opened and closed electrically.

Ok, now picture this: An acidic environment results in cell surface disintegration, right? If, on the other hand, the fluids inside the cell are at the more alkaline pH of 6.5 or higher, this will allow the four nucleotides which are the basic building blocks of DNA, to be formed. Thus in an acidic environment the DNA cannot be formed. This is probably the main reason why acidosis results in degenerative diseases, and why raising the body fluid’s pH can result in curing the disease.

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