Eat Your Way to a Flat Belly

It is assumed that you have to exercise your way to a flat belly but it is also possible for you to eat your way to a flat belly. Diet is 90% of losing fat meaning if your diet is not in check then your hard work in the gym is all for nothing. There is also a misconception that you must only eat 3 meals at set times and eat salads for every meal. That is simply not the case.

Most people eat only 3 meals per day and those three meals are not of very high nutritional value. Those diets consist okinawa flat belly tonic primarily of carbs which is something you do not want to be eating in large quantities if you want to get a flat belly. 

To lose belly fat quickly you should eat 1g of protein for each pound of bodyweight you weigh. For example if you weigh 125lbs then you should eat 125g of protein each day. The reason for this is that eating a high amount of protein will speed up your metabolism greatly which in turn allows you to burn fat quicker.

It may seem impossible to fit 125g of protein into your meals but the next thing you should do to eat your way to a flat belly is eat more frequently. You should be aiming for 5-6 meals per day. These meals are not what you are accustomed to and are not heavy meals like your regular diet. You eat small healthy portions of food 5-6 times a day and this technique will speed your metabolism up. In short you will burn fat like a furnace. If you eat 5-6 meals it is relatively easy to fit the amount of protein that you have to eat. Let us break it down further. 125g of protein divided between 5 meals is only 25g. You can find 25g of protein in a can of tuna. It is very reasonable and you do not have to eat a whole chicken to get enough protein.

You also need to create a calorie deficit to lose belly fat. This is eating lower than your calorie maintenance. Your calorie maintenance is the number of calories that you need to stay at your current weight. To find your calorie maintenance you should use a BMR calculator.  Eating 300-500 calories below your maintenance will help you lose more fat. To make this more understandable we will look at the formula. A pound of body fat is equivalent to 3500 calories so say your maintenance is 2000 calories and your deficit was 500 then in one week you would lose 1lb of pure fat. This 1lb of fat loss would be purely from changing your eating habits and not working out. 

Start limiting carbs, eat more protein and you will start losing body fat. It is that easy to accomplish. This loss is purely from changing the way you eat and that means you really can eat your way to a flat belly. Combine that with a calorie deficit, exercise and you have yourself a fat killing combination that will give you a new lean body in no time.

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