Scouting Out Leaks for Flat Roof Solutions

For far too many people, and you may be one of them, flat roof solutions seem couched in so much mystery. Try as you may, finding, and fixing leaks on them all to often turns out to be just one more exercise in futility.

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Discover How to Find Leaks

So the first thing you need to learn, is how to find a leak on a zero pitched roof, and once you understand a few things your job will be so much easier. So the first thing you need to know, is that water can, and often does travel under a roof, before it enters a building as a leak.

Water Can Travel Under a Roof

The roof underlayment comes in 3 foot wide sheets, and the plywood sheeting that it covers comes in 4 x 8 foot sheets. What this all adds up to, is that in the most extreme cases, water may be coming into your building 11 feet from where the leak is on the roof flat roofs toronto.

Water Doesn’t Travel Uphill

Now the good news is that water doesn’t travel uphill, so that does make your job just a little bit easier in this respect. Another bit of good news is that leaks tend to happen more often in certain areas than in others.

Your First Task for Flat Roof Solutions

So your first task for flat roof solutions, is to walk your building looking for low areas where the structural framing members may have warped downward. Look for water marks that indicate that pooling has taken place as it rains.

Amazing New Synthetic Rubber Roof Coatings

Now it wasn’t that long ago that the only remedy for low areas of pooling, was to build them back up with roofing underlayment then re-roof over them. Today though, there are synthetic rubber roof coatings that last for 5 years, and will hold a pool of water with a perfect seal.

Check Around Roof Mounted Air Conditioners

So after you’ve walked your building looking for low areas, the next common areas to check for leaks are around mechanical equipment such as air conditioners, and fans. Metal expands, and contracts at a different rate than metal, so areas where metal, and asphalt meet often develop cracks.

Fixing Leaks With Three Coursing

One of the best flat roof solutions for this type of leak, is what roofers call “three coursing”. Three coursing is done by first applying a layer of black patch then a layer of fiberglass web followed by another layer of patch. Rub them all together well over wherever you see a crack.

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