Silencil – An Anti-Inflammation Supplement

Silencil is an effective natural supplement for curbing tinnitus naturally. It leverages the power of trace elements from plant sources to provide relief from tinnitus symptoms. According to the official site, all these ingredients have been extensively studied as well, which clearly proves that the whole formula has the backing of sound scientific research. Silencil users report improvements in their hearing abilities after using the product for just a few weeks. Silencil contains vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that have been scientifically proven to improve the health of your body, including your inner ears.


The official website mentions that Silencil users have experienced improvements in their hearing abilities as well as being able to sleep better at night due to the soothing effects of silencil. A number of other diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches and chronic fatigue also reported significant improvements after they started using this natural dietary supplement. The Silencil dietary supplement has been proven to be effective in reducing or completely eliminating tinnitus, with no side effects.

However, not everybody can reap the benefits of Silencil. To know if this product is the right one for you, it would be a good idea to get a comprehensive understanding of its natural composition. You may also want to make a purchase of Silencil online in order to reap the many positive results it may have in store for you.

The Silencil formula features a number of key ingredients, all of which have been studied scientifically to improve overall health and wellbeing. Ginkgo Biloba, Eleuthro, Muira Puama, Silica, Zinc, Pumpkin Seed, Chromium, Licorice root, Turmeric, Licorice root extract are some of the main ingredients included in Silencil. All these ingredients were studied and formulated based on their ability to inhibit the transmission of impulses caused by specific stimuli in the brain. Among the studies which were conducted include the following Silencil:

In another study, the Silencil was evaluated using a battery of tests including electroencephalographs, nerve conduction studies, and the testing of brain function. It was found that Silencil effectively improved the auditory discrimination, visual function, attention, and brain activity of test subjects. In addition, Silencil’s effectiveness was found to be significantly increased when compared to placebo. These results show that Silencil possesses the right ingredients to reduce or eliminate tinnitus and to offer complete and permanent relief from the associated side effects.

Tinnitus and brain fog are often interchanged because both conditions are characterized by similar symptoms such as decreased hearing, lack of concentration, and physical pain in the head. Both conditions occur due to the same problem, which is that there is an elevated level of brain inflammation present. The inflammation can result from a number of factors including stress, inner ear infection, allergies, high sugar levels in the blood, high cholesterol, and many other health conditions. The ideal way to combat brain fog and tinnitus is to adopt a comprehensive all natural treatment that fights inflammation throughout the body. One such natural treatment is Silencil.

Silencil contains the previously mentioned ingredients namely Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Mulathi (Moringa pterygosperma) and Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri). Ashwagandha is considered very beneficial due to its mechanism of action. It is known to inhibit the activity of the protein kinase 5 (Akt5), an enzyme that is responsible for the accumulation of excess sugar levels in the brain. Brahmi has been traditionally used as a brain tonic and it not only prevents the accumulation of sugar levels in the brain, but also improves the production of essential neurotransmitters like acetylcholine.

All in all, Silencil seems to deliver several promising benefits to the users. It is a good alternative to traditional medicines, as it targets inflammation at the initial phase, which is the reason for the complaints associated with the condition. The ingredients used in this formula also help to reduce sugar levels in the blood and improve the nervous system through the stimulation of the nerve cells. Therefore Silencil may also be taken as a pre-natal supplement to reduce the possibility of suffering from birth defects.

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