Are Unemployed People Having a Tougher Time Finding Open Job Postings?

The unemployment problem is bad enough these days. And employers are getting very picky with lines and lines of job requirements on many posting. But if you are out of work now, there may even be more one job requirement that is a deal killer. The posting may insist that the only job applications they want to look at are people who already have a job.

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Is this fair? Well, in a tough economy with high unemployment, a layoff probably says more about the company than the actual employees who got terminated. But many managers still believe that people lose jobs because they do not perform. They do not seem to consider the massive layoffs, company closings, or outsourcing that could have been responsible for the job loss job posting.

You know that the best time to look for work is when you already have work. But many workers did not expect to lose their jobs, and they did not have enough notice to mount an effective job hunt. If this is affecting you, you may be able to take some steps to fill in some employment gaps on your resume in a very honest and productive way.

Fill In Employment Gaps In Your Resume Work History

Freelancing – Even though W-2 type jobs may be hard to find, there seem to be a lot of freelance or contract work opportunities. This can help you make some money and, possibly, get connected with people who make hiring decisions. Freelance jobs have been common in the software or writing fields, but there are actually a diverse range of opportunities.

For some people, freelance or contract jobs can be short term solutions. Others make a career out of it, and they find they love the freedom of working on different projects.

Self Employment – Lots of terminated workers have decided that they would like to depend upon themselves for job security from now on. They have taken the opportunity to fulfill a dream of starting their own business.

However, many others still want to find employment with a company, but just work for themselves in order to have something to put on their resume and to make some money. You do not have to come up with some big or famous business idea either.

Take out your lawn mower and start knocking on doors. You have now started a landscaping company. Grab your toolbox and start advertising your handy man service. Learn a popular book keeping software program and do the books for small businesses.

These ideas may not sound like the job of your dreams, but they are all respectable. And employers are likely to accept your stint as a business person with a better attitude than if you just spent six months surfing the web and watching TV.

Education – Maybe this would be a good time to take some classes at a community college to improve your job skills. That makes you a student, and not an unemployed person!

Underemployment – Look for opportunities that may be a bit below you pay grade, but have room for advancement. It may seem like you are taking a step back, but this may be the fastest way to move forward. I have known a couple of people who accepted sales floor jobs in furniture stores after they lost their professional jobs. Both ended up in management within a year.

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