Sexy Birthday Gifts For Her

A birthday is a perfect opportunity to share your love and affection. Show her how much you love her, and remind her how sexy she is with one of the sexy birthday gifts her heart will flutter over.


Every woman knows jewelry helps you feel and look sexy. Whether it’s a diamond-encrusted heart pendant, a gold anklet or charm bracelet with special-meaning charms, your woman will thank you again and again for the thoughtfulness behind a gift of jewelry. To some jewelry might seem frivolous, but to a woman in love, a piece of jewelry from her man is indicative of a true piece of his heart anthropologie birthday coupon.

Gift Baskets

Other sexy birthday gifts her heart will thump over are gift baskets filled with her favorite things. Is she a big fan of chocolate? Order (or create your own) various chocolates based on her tastes. Perhaps she adores hazelnut chocolate, dark or even white chocolate, take the time to notice and the generous thought will come back to you threefold in the future. Adding items to the chocolate gift basket such as teddy bears, jewelry, lingerie or self-made “coupons” ensure her birthday will be one of the sexiest ever.


Perhaps it has been overdone in the past, but perfume truly can be a unique and wonderful gift for the woman in your life. If you take notice of what she likes, the thought will be especially appreciated. Does she pick up the bottle of CK every time you enter the mall? Surprise her with it for her birthday. Perhaps she adores woodsy, earthy scents, ask the salesperson for a new scent based on what you know. Or perhaps try something different. You might find something you love and would love to smell on her, oftentimes spontaneous gifts such as these are perfect.


Lingerie is among the sexy birthday gifts her heart will adore, and so will yours. Sure, you can go to the big name places like Victoria’s or Fredericks, but did you know you can also find lingerie at regular department stores, and many times they will be much less expensive – which allows you to purchase more! Keep in mind her body type and how she feels about her body. If she isn’t comfortable showing lots of skin, be thoughtful and present her with a lacy or silky robe. It is also best, if possible, to obtain her measurements so you can be sure to purchase the right size. Take your cues from what is in her closet already, what she prefers to wear, and what she might have noticed in the past.

A Day at the Spa

Another of the sexy birthday gifts her heart will adore you for is a day at the spa. There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t enjoy a day of pampering. Provide her with enough for a massage, perhaps a manicure and/or pedicure, and your woman will sure to reciprocate the kindness. In today’s stressful world, there isn’t a better gift around to show her how much you love and appreciate her.

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