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Jack Mason, one of the most successful American actors of all time, has recently come out as gay. He is represented by the gay rights advocacy group Gay Men for Gay Rights and has spoken openly on the topic. There are Jack’s own fans who support his decision to be open about his sexuality, and some have taken to Twitter to support him, declaring, “Jack Mason is a hero”. How much of an impact will this have on Jack’s legacy?

First let’s start with a little context. Jack has always talked about his love for women, and was married to a woman for 25 years before he settled down with his partner of over thirty years in 2021. During this time he shared his story of coming out as gay with friends, family members, and colleagues. He never shied away from talking about his sexuality, and his openness is something we can all appreciate Jack Mason profile.

So – does Jack have a gay following now? Well, no, but it seems he has picked up a few followers on his twitter feed from people who are supportive of his choice to be open about his sexuality. Some people have even asked to be part of the gay community just to be able to read his updates. Others simply find him hilarious. And then there are those who find no faults in his life, and want nothing to do with the gay community at all.

Now then, this is all well and good, but does Jack have any closet fans? Well, not really. He has addressed the issue of being gay in general on his own blog, and he has not addressed it on the Jack Mason profile since the blog was started. Many followers, however, have taken to leaving comments on the subject, and the overall consensus seems to be that Jack Mason is content as he is and is not going to change. Others are unhappy with the current state of affairs in the entertainment world, and wish they could be Jack Mason instead.

Does this mean that Jack Mason is an out and proud gay man? Not necessarily. But is Jack Mason’s profile a true representation of himself? Well – no. There are just too many obvious clues that he is, in fact, just another straight guy who is unhappy with his lot in life.

Why is he unhappy? For one thing he mentions that he is a football fan, but has not even mentioned football games much. This is a pretty clear sign that he is more than okay with his lot in life, but is unhappy with society as a whole. Is he happy with his situation? Who knows – maybe he is, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is running for office anytime soon.

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