AVS Video Tools Reviews

Compared with the former one which is known as AVS Video Converter, the program have much more functions in terms of creating and editing videos. The functions of AVS video tools include commercials removing, scenes editing, rotating, splitting cutting and so on. Besides that it can also be used to convert, duplicate or rip video files.

Besides the powerful functions, you can do much more things by this kind of tools which is very convenient and effective. This tools support various key formats such as (XviD, DivX), DV AVI, MP4, Apple iPod, Creative Zen, Archos DVR and Quicktime and so on. In addition, it can convert video files into the formats of PSP, iPod and so on. So it’s maneuverable for you to make and put the video files into the portable players or digital toys, for instance youtube video mp4 downloader, Apple iPod, Sony PSP, Creative Zen Vision and mobile phones which have the function of playback such as portable DVD players.

More importantly, AVS Video tools are also easy-to-use which can be used together with downloading software in YouTube for example TubeSucker. After the extension of functions, AVS Video Tools 5.1 becomes the best selling products, which has been named after its former one called Video Converter.

If this AVS Video Tools 5.1 is used in your daily editing video files, your time on dealing with video files will be greatly shortened and effective. Without harm to the owners who has registered the AVS Video Converter, this kind of tool is available. When you deal with your DVD videos, a lot of choices you can make.

Thanks to this new characteristic, you can decide and modulate the video aspect ratio by the way of watching the main window. By using this kind of tool with many new features, you can whatever you want to see or adjust to the video files.

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