Important Ways to Counter-Attack Test Anxiety

Physical symptoms like headaches, nausea, and faintness, feeling too hot or cold are common to a number of students before a test. Test anxieties can also take the form of emotional stress is that it renders the mind of the student blank and affects the thinking abilities. It may also result in numerous thoughts racing in the mind which are hard to control check site.

As colleges go test optional for domestic applicants, they take different  approaches to testing policies for international applicants

There are a number of means to counter act test anxiety. They are (1) good preparation for the test (2) self test one self (3) healthy life style (4) eating nutritious food (5) good sleep and (6) regular exercise.

Preparation is the Key

On the eve of examination one should anticipate the test and be well prepared. Before retiring to bed you should organize everything needed for the examination like pens, rulers, erasers calculators etc. Double check the venues of the examination and the time. Set the alarm and have a good nights’ sleep which will contribute positively to the reduction of test anxiety.

Calm you self for a few minutes by stretching the arms and legs and relaxing them if you feel excessive test anxiety. Also take a few deep breaths and do some positive internal self talking. If unexpectedly the examinations are more difficult focus on it and do your best.After the examination is over relax and ease yourself from test anxiety.

A little bit of nervousness is really helpful before the examination. But if the nervousness and tension goes beyond a limit and is uncontrollable, it is called test anxiety.Test anxiety is the overwhelming nervousness that impairs the persons’ ability to perform well in the examination. It is also a performance anxiety when the person needs to perform under pressure.

Test anxiety created butterflies in the stomach, stomach ache or tension head ache. You should clearly understand that test anxiety is totally different form not doing well in the examination. Test anxiety is that which prevents the person form performing normally in the examination.

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