Car MP3 and MP4 Players Let You Enjoy Music and Movies On the Road

Whether it’s your daily commute or a long trip across the country, any car journey seems shorter and more enjoyable if you have good music to listen to. Car radios, tape decks and even CD players have been around for a long time now, but the latest way to deliver in-car sounds is via an MP3 player designed for use in a moving vehicle. There are even car MP4 players that play videos as well as audio tracks.

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These digital media players are specially made to fit into the cigarette lighter socket on the dashboard, where they draw power whenever the engine is switched on. There are also models that are mounted on the steering wheel for extra accessibility, and run on a rechargeable battery. You simply save your music and/or movies on a USB flash drive and transfer them to the media player, or put them on an SD or MMC card, and your device’s wireless FM transmitter will stream the audio tracks over the car radio. Video images will appear in perfect synch on the LCD screen if your player supports MP4 files too Autel maxisys mselite.

The FM transmitter will also support a number of other audio sources, giving you even more freedom to choose your playlist on the road. You can just plug in your cellphone, tablet or laptop computer, portable DVD player, or any other electronic device that has a standard headphone jack, and pick the clearest FM station on your dial to play your chosen tracks over.

All car MP3 and MP4 players are equipped with simple controls that are easy to operate while you’re driving. Another great feature of most models is the remote control, which means backseat passengers can take charge of the entertainment and even change the transmitting station when reception starts to deteriorate, while leaving the driver to concentrate on the traffic. Just like other digital media players, the LCD screen displays the name of the track being played and the time elapsed, and includes a graphic equalizer so you can fine-tune the sound to your exact requirements.

For safety reasons, if you’re playing video files on your car MP4 player they should of course only be viewed by passengers. A front-seat passenger will have the best view, as these devices still tend to have small screens (typically up to 1.8 inches). However, with technological advances happening as fast as they are, we can expect to see car devices with larger displays on the market soon. Of course backseat passengers can already watch videos on regular MP4 and MP5 players, which feature screens of up to 7 inches. These are excellent for keeping kids and adults alike entertained on long trips.

As well as using a car media player in your car, you can fit it in the lighter socket in your truck, RV or boat. It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the consumer electronics market that the largest range of affordable car MP3 and MP4 players is currently being manufactured in China. There’s no need to travel overseas to buy these excellent products, though – you can find a frequently updated selection of the latest models at wholesale prices at this leading online electronics outlet.

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