Don’t Depend on Weight Loss Supplements To Lose Weight

Relying on over the counter weight loss supplements that promise or guarantee almost everything related to losing weight (and even staying young!) are a waste of many many times. Plus they are not healthy for you. Diet pills (even herbal supplements) can cause organ damage over time.

There are literally thousands of branded (and unbranded) diet/weight loss supplements being sold in health stores across the country, and especially on the Internet. Whatever the source of the weight loss supplement, you have to be extra careful and extra vigilant about the claims and guarantees being given by the ones selling these pills and capsules.

It is a common practice for marketers and online stores to overpromise just so they can sell stuff; only a handful of online stores actually take time to explain to you how specific active ingredients in products work.

And even then, you have no guarantee that these things will actually work. A significant percentage of the diet pills being sold online have not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

And here’s the thing – manufacturers don’t have to get their products evaluated by the FDA at all. So, technically, anyone can combine a bunch of chemicals and brand the newfangled stuff as a diet supplement.

As long as the manufacturer doesn’t claim that their product can cure anything, small and big manufacturers can happily produce and market their “diet pills” to the unsuspecting public. Unless your doctor specifically prescribes an anti-obesity medication to control your weight, steer clear of commercially available diet pills and supplements.

Some people think that herbal diet supplements have the double benefit of being safe and potentially effective. If the supplement doesn’t work, then there’s no harm done right?


There is a general consensus among the medical community that herbal supplements are by no means safer than non-herbal diet supplements that are being sold, unregulated, in the market today.

Both kinds of supplements can cause harm to the human body, especially if you use them without the advice of a healthcare provider (such as your family doctor). Of course, this warning does not extend to regular supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.

I’m referring specifically to diet pills that promise things such as “8 inches off in 7 days.” The grander the promise of a diet product, the poorer the results are. Experts agree that most  Biofit of the things being sold as diet pills contain nothing more than diuretic agents and caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which in essence keeps you going even if you don’t eat regular meals. Diuretic agents, on the other hand, encourage urination, which can actually harm the delicate balance of electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes are chemical compounds in the body that help maintain regular body function. If this delicate balance is disturbed, you can be hospitalized.

And here’s the thing about diuretics – people generally don’t realize that they are dehydrated until it’s too late. And if you use diuretics, the chances of becoming dehydrated are high. Would you risk fatal dehydration just to temporarily lose a few pounds of water weight? I didn’t think so.

Ask any doctor worth his or her medical degree, and he/she will tell you that most commercially available diet pills are quick fixes. I know many folks find the idea of instant weight loss very, very inviting, but I invite you to consider this concept of weight loss for just a moment, before you buy any OTC diet supplement.

Weight loss in itself can be a beautiful thing because you will end up being healthier, and, over the long term, weight loss can actually help you live longer. Weight loss through proper means can strengthen the body so much that your body age can actually be reversed.

What does this mean? Well, if you successfully lose weight when you are in your forties your body age can be thirty or twenty-five. Some folks who exercise regularly and eat sensibly can be in their sixties but still register a body age of twenty-one.

That sounds a little batty but it’s true – if you take care of your body well, it will take care of you. Abuse it, and you can expect repercussions, because the body can only give back what it has been given.

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