What Is A Registered Lock Code?

Before we discuss a Registered Lock Code, lets discuss just what this is. When a lock is assembled pins are placed inside. These pins allow the opening and closing of the lock with the key. There must be a way to transfer the locking pins to cuts on the key. This is called the code.

A registered lock code is assigned and registered to a user or company. Only authorized users can order cut keys. These types of codes are usually used on high security locks as an effort to control access. Our Company will maintain these in a custom designed computer database. This database will help to avoid repeating the codes so once assigned they will never be duplicated or assigned to another user.

These types of codes are usually “Blind”. This means that by looking at the number you will not be able to convert it to a key cut. A lock code chart is needed to convert the code to a key cut that will match the locking pins in the lock and operate it.

With many non-registered codes, it is very easy to convert the code to a cut. For many, the code is the cut. This lowers the overall security as it gives no key control. Key Control is the ability to know how many keys were cut for a code and who ordered those keys on Divine Locks what date. Key control and registered lock codes go together.

High security locks are usually found at authorized service centers, such as Locking Systems International. They are more expensive than big box store products, so you first must decide what you are protecting and how much is that worth to you. After making that decision, you will know where to make a purchase.

When you purchase a high security product, registered codes are assigned to you. By keeping these codes you will be able to order additional keys later. The number of registered codes you get depends on if you order locks keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed. For example, if you order 10 locks keyed alike you will get one registered lock code. If you order 10 locks keyed different you will receive 10 registered lock codes.

I hope this isn’t too confusing. The biggest take away here is that high security locks and registered lock codes go together.

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