Going Beyond Beliefs

When we are re-arranging our priorities and wanting to shift gears in our work, relationships, or careers it is often useful to look at our unconscious beliefs hindering the flow of life.

As these beliefs are unconscious, it is not always so easy to detect them and without bringing them to surface it is impossible to advance.

There are group methods and individual methods to see which beliefs are working against us. However belief is not just belief, it can open some doors and close other doors. If you believe you are creative you are creative. If you have negative belief in yourself and your capabilities this belief will hinder you in your movement forward to that which you want to achieve and the state from which you want to be operating.

If, as a person you believe something negative about yourself, then it is a distinct possibility that this belief will act as  px7 primal flow reviews a negative hindrance when it comes to your future; as well as that this belief will not allow your energies to flow so easily as they would have done, so be very aware of your thought processes which give rise to this belief.

Never forget that it is not the work you do that is important; by and large this is not so important, but we have given it so much importance because of the saying, “Live Your Dream.” We can do anything at all because the work is not important but what happens within you, doing the work, that is the important point to remember.

This approach of course goes against the ego, which always strives to be somebody special. Examine your beliefs and see which ones are serving you and which ones are hindering you. As you slowly discover the beliefs that are not serving you, through awareness and acceptance they will wither and disappear.

Some ways to uncover beliefs which hinder you are below-

Running around the block for 21 days, keeping an honest diary of experiences and reflections, communicating authentically, owning your feelings and emotions, having a healthy outlet for your emotions and tensions, active meditations every day for 21 days, 3 months better, sitting silently 1 hour a day, doing something just for fun, 1 hour every day, being around like minded people undergoing a similar process, mentoring, counseling and therapy, sorting out early life issues through primal deconditioning, bioenergetics, breath sessions, massage, cranio-sacral work, rebalancing, rolfing, shiatsu aqua balancing, aqua floating, psychodrama, role playing, family constellation work, joining a support group.

There are of course more ways to uncover beliefs which hinder; in fact all beliefs hinder, some just more than others.

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