Air Purifier Review from an Independent Air Purifier Reviewer

Are you looking for some good reviews on air purifiers? You should read the entire article if you are. I will cover some of the most crucial aspects all air purifiers must include.

AirDoctor 3000 Professional Air Purifier -

If you’re anything like me, you have serious allergies. I have had severe allergies all year. My record for sneezing is 13 consecutively. Have you ever stopped to examine your home and see if there are any allergies?

You can have allergies or asthma from the air you inhale every day. These include:


pet odors

Chemicals from cleaning materials

paint vapors

Aerosol sprays can contain particles

Keep these things in mind when choosing a purifier. It should be capable of removing all the above efficiently and quickly.

Once you have done that, it is time to:

Determine if the price of an air purifier falls within your financial means.

Identify the technologies used by your air purifier.

Make a purchase decision!

Is it within your means?

My best advice is not to buy based on price alone. This is the biggest mistake you can make. It is possible that you might think they all should do the same thing. This is far from reality.

$150 is a good starting price. This is where quality products are separated from junk.

What type of air filtration technology is it using?

It is important to ensure that the purifier you are considering using the latest technology to filter the air. There are seven main technologies that air purifiers today use. These are:

True HEPA filters – reduces particles

Carbon filters – Reduces gases and odors

Prefilters – prevents larger particles from entering the internal cleaning technology

Germicidal and enhanced filters – Reduces microorganism growth on filters

Electrostatic precipitator – reduces particles

Ionization – reduces particles

Before you buy an air purifier, it is a good idea to read through reviews. You can only make the best decision by reading reviews and comparing your options.

Air filtration is very competitive with over 50 different units available on the market. How do you choose whom to believe, when so many air purifier manufacturers claim they are “the best”?

In order to sell their products, unscrupulous manufacturers and salesmen will tell you anything they want, regardless of whether it is true or false. These marketers are often able to get away with it because there are no industry regulations. An independent review of an air purifier is crucial. You don’t know whom to trust.

The price range for home air cleaners is from less than $100 to more than a thousand dollars per unit. You should consider quite just the worth. You should also consider the air purifier’s type, filter method, air exchange, fan speeds, noise level, and square footage of coverage. Also, be sure to check out any warranty or replacement costs.

So please take my advice, print out this article if you have to when you shopping around and reading air purifier’s reviews. Thanks to the air doctor Reviews I found online, I am now allergy-free for almost 9 months.

You can actually just follow my advice and look at a few air doctor Reviews of air purifiers before you make a purchase. I want you to find the right product for your needs.

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