Cottage Holidays in Southwold, Suffolk

In a country as beautiful and diverse as the UK we are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on a destination for a nice holiday break. Recently to celebrate a special occasion for a work colleague it was decided to have a communal weekend away for their close work friends and partners. Given that it was to be a short break it made no sense to spend too long in travelling from London and so it was decided that Southwold in Suffolk would be a good destination rhubarb candle.

The Suffolk countryside is probably best remembered in the beautiful oil paintings of John Constable whose rural scenes captured that quintessential English countryside. Suffolk is relatively flat compared to other counties in England with just gentle rolling hills, green fields that have lines of shrub hedges between them. The villages are a mixture of old and new with some of the names being rather idiosyncratic for this region given it’s rich Anglo Saxon heritage.

The actual town of Southwold is a relaxed genteel market town. It has a lighthouse that is unusually set among the streets and gives the town a distinctive feel. The houses are a blend of traditional cottages and newer properties that are in keeping with the feel of the town. There are a number of cafes and restaurants that cater for the visitors with a mixture of traditional and more exotic cuisines. The shops sell a variety of goods from antiques to old fashioned sweets. Southwold also has a theatre that often features local productions.

Southwold beach is a mixture of sand and fine shingle which is ideal for children to play on. This provides a focal point to the town and next to the beach are a number of bright multicoloured beach huts that are rather appealing.

Southwold also has an interesting pier that has recently undergone a major renovation. It has a restaurant which has a good selection of food and a gift shop that sells some good quality prints and other interesting items in addition to more typical tourist fair. The pier also has a rather unique arcade where all of the machines are handmade. While they pay homage to more traditional arcade machines, the games they involve are more quirky and unique being designed by an artist.

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