NSCDC Recruitment

Are you among those young Nigerians dreaming off a successful career in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps through their impending recruitment which is almost over for next till 2020 or so? This article takes you through all the procedure of the NSCDC Recruitment in details. Here, the recruiter, if any, will be explained and you would know what to expect from it and how to go about applying to join the Civil Force Academy. The process has been simplified by the authorities, so, now applying through any recruitment agency will do just fine,

In order to be placed in the NSCDC, applicants must meet the required standard of education, military experience and basic qualifications, which are laid down by the Civilian Board for Recruitment. It is important that one should possess all these things, in order to be considered for the recruitment. For the aspirants, who have met the above-mentioned standard, they may proceed further and submit their application. However, those who do not have enough may still submit an application but they must ensure that they include some essential details like their name, email address, telephone number and their career objective. Applicants must mention the reason why they wish to join the NSCDC and must also state any other relevant qualification they possess.

After the submission of the application, the concerned person will receive a NSCDC call at their work place on the agreed date. At this meeting, it will be clarified as to how the applicants can make a good impression on their supervisors and prove their worth to be shortlisted candidates for the NSCDC recruitments. Here, the shortlisted candidates will be given further instructions and asked to give a comprehensive written test which must be prepared well by the applicants. The applicants must impress the panel of commandants with their crisp interview style and must prove that they are worthy of being shortlisted candidates for the Civil Defence Force (NCDF) vacancies available.

Now that the shortlisted candidates are chosen from the list of candidates, the NSCDC Civil Defence Force will carefully review the applications sent by them. After careful scrutiny of the applications, the panel will take a few days to shortlist the NSCDC candidates. If the shortlisted candidates are Nigerian, they will be invited to appear in a recruitment camp in Lagos, Nigeria. The Nigerian candidates will have to attend the camp under the supervision of the respective defence ministry officials.

Once all the shortlisted candidates are ready to appear at the camp, they will be required to undergo a rigorous interview session conducted under the supervision of competent officials of the Nigerian civil defence recruitment office. The interview sessions are conducted under the observation of senior officials of the Nigerian civil defence recruitment unit and panel of commandants. Candidates are provided with questionnaires to answer relating to their experience and academic qualification. The panel will grade each candidate according to their answers provided in the questionnaire. The candidates are asked to appear again in the next interview session after passing the pre-screening test. This test dates and times vary from one recruitment camp to another.

It is mandatory for all the candidates appearing for the post of civil defence officer (NCDF) to submit an application form for the vacant position. Candidates applying for the post of civil defence officer must abide by the standard civil defence recruitment code of conduct. Applicants must ensure that they submit the application form on time so that the NSCDC may consider their details and submit an application for the vacant post of NCDF officer without any delay. Finally, the successful applicants must be awarded an invitation to appear for the NCDF officer test conducted under the supervision of a senior officer of the Nigerian military.

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